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    Sulfur Crystallizer

    Coking equipment and sulfur (industrial naphthalene) slicer

    The drum slicer is a cooling crystallization process. The molten material in the tray contacts the cooled drum, and a material film is formed on the surface of the drum. The material film is cooled, crystallized, and crystallized through the heat exchange between the material film and the strand wall. The material film is scraped off by a scraper to become a sheet product.
         Drum drying is a continuous operation process in which the materials attached to the outer wall of the drum or the strip-shaped material are condensed and peeled off in a cooling manner by rotating the drum.

    ※ 性能達到現代國外設備水平 ※ 無級變速,轉鼓轉速可調
    ※ 設有側刮刀,避免轉鼓側端積料 ※ 轉鼓精度高
    ※ 設備結構緊湊,占地面積小 ※ 適應范圍廣,操作簡便、靈活
    ※ 半管夾套式料盤,安全可靠 ※ 采用多組刮刀,調節靈活
    ※ 鼓面循環冷卻,冷卻效果好 ※ 多功能,既可結片又可干燥

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