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    New ceramic a bright future
    2020-02-08 17:41:26
         Along with the development of modern high technology, a new type of ceramics has gradually become an important key to the development of high technology, the industry has already caused the attention of developed countries, Japan in recent years has been in the forefront of the world, the United States with the cost of a year of materials research as high as 20-2.5 billion dollars, the European Union including Germany, France, England and other countries in developing some new materials also gave high attention, has made some significant results, new ceramic variety, with each passing day, in the modern science and technology and the national economy has a special position, and its use is varied, such as structure ceramic a high heat resistance, high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and other comprehensive character; Functional ceramics with electrical, magnetic, optical, mechanical, biological and chemical etc all kinds of outstanding function, so new ceramic material has become solve the energy and resources important material, at the same time is also microelectronics, laser, optical fiber, biological, ocean, space, new energy, imitation man-machine etc advanced science and technology development indispensable materials, new ceramic is different from traditional ceramics, is knowledge and technology intensive products, general has less investment, high output, energy consumption, and the economic benefit is high, and has a broad market. According to the statistics, the first years new ceramics with 10% ~ 20% growth rate, so the research and development of new type ceramic has caused the world each industry developed countries highly, especially in the recent years appear ceramic engine, ceramic high temperature superconductors, ceramic sensitive components that three of upsurge, will give new ceramic materials more strong vitality, indicating that it broad prospects for development.
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