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    Anyang zhongyuan ceramic company patents
    2020-02-08 17:40:47
        The ceramic anyang city Co., LTD. Devotes in structural ceramics, wear-resisting ceramics application research and production. The problem and undertake wear materials provide wear-resisting material solutions. The main production wear-resisting y stable zro2, al2o3 and zirconia toughening alumina ceramics.

        The ceramic anyang city limited liability company production of alumina ceramic liner, wear-resisting lining board, wear-resisting ceramics pipe is rubber, polyurethane, stainless steel, KM anti-wear material, multiple resistant alloy substitute, mok's hardness of more than 9.0, service life is 200 times manganese steel, high chromium cast iron is 150 times. The company designed for steel works, mining, power plant, coal, chemicals, cement enterprise production material of the corundum ceramics, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure pipe, ceramic tee, elbow, fan fan leaves the burr, centrifuge, dense medium hydrocyclone is lined with/bottom LiuKou corundum ceramics, magnetic separation machine wear-resisting ceramics pieces. Solve these industry vulnerability, replace the delay, stop production maintenance difficult problems, for enterprise increased production efficiency.
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