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           Anyang Zhongyuan Ceramic Co., Ltd. devotes to the application research and production of structural ceramics and wear-resistant ceramics, undertakes the difficulties of wear-resistant materials and provides solutions to wear-resistant materials. It mainly produces the wear-resistant yttrium stabilized zirconia, alumina and zirconia toughening alumina ceramics. The products cover ten-odd industries, including petroleum, paper-making, textile, iron & steel, chemical engineering, machinery and electronics etc.   

          With the density of 6.0, the yttrium stabilized zirconia ceramics have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient, good corrosion resistance and good chemical stability. At the same time, it has satisfactory high-temperature performance. Its service life is 200 times of manganese steel and 150 times of high chrome cast iron. Therefore, it’s widely applied in the industry. Alumina ceramics has high mechanical strength, good insulating property, small high-frequency loss, high electric strength, high temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance. It’s widely applied in each industry of the national economy.

         The Company adheres to the operation philosophy that “customer supreme, great efforts”, and follows the principle that “customer first”. We hope that the persistent efforts of Zhongyuan Ceramics’ whole staff can assist you in enterprise development. Thank you for your visit! Wish you a flourishing business and good fortune!

          At the same time, we act as the agent and deal in domestic and foreign famous brands of adhesive and metal putty.Zirconia ceramics has the advantage of high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, low friction coefficient and good corrosion resistance. It’s widely applied in the mechanical sealing parts, ball mill media, cutting tools, ceramic bearing, automotive engine parts, dewatering equipment of paper machine and etc. The wear resistance of zirconia ceramics is 15 times of alumina ceramics; the friction coefficient of zirconia ceramics is only 1/2 of alumina ceramics, and the friction coefficient of alumina ceramics is very low. The density of zirconia ceramics is higher than the alumina ceramics. The density of alumina ceramics is 3.5. The density of zirconia ceramics is 6. The texture is finer. After grinding and processing, the surface smoothness is higher, as high as 9 above, in the condition of mirror-like surface, very smooth, and the friction coefficient is smaller. The surface smoothness is higher, in the condition of mirror-like surface, very smooth, with less friction with the net, which may further improve the service life of net, greatly reduces the net consumption, reduce the net electric current, and reduce the electric consumption. Moreover, the toughness of zirconia ceramics is excellent, which overcomes the intrinsic brittleness of ceramics. Therefore, the wear resistance is higher, the product service life is greatly prolonged, and the paper quality is obviously improved.

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    Contact person: Mr.Niu(Manager) 
    Telephone: +86 -0372-2959158
    Mobile phone: 13598129817
    Fax: +86- 0372-2959158
    Address: Dongzhangjian, Beiguan, Anyang,HeNan,China
    Zip code: 455000

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